Our portfolio

In 38 years, we’ve built a broad portfolio. This has led to high-quality products at affordable prices in the field of tweens and kids cosmetics, stationery, arts & crafts, jewellery, and toys. Our team is constantly working on new developments in all our brands. We make sure we are always at the forefront of new trends, market developments, and compliance.

Our strategy
Our main focus and end-goal are ‘to make kids happy’. With this focus, our team ensures that we continue to develop our ranges and products. We build on our Canenco DNA.
We have five core values in how we run our business:

  • Straightforward 
  • Always trustworthy
  • Flexible approach
  • Responsible
  • Quality for a very good price.

We think it’s important to continue to challenge ourselves and to try out innovative and creative ideas in our products and organization. We believe this is the best way to continue delivering our services


Within these brands, we’ve developed multiple ideas into great products. We develop our products within our licensing brands like LOL Surprise, Frozen 2, Rita’s Wonderland and many more. Next to that, we’ve also designed, created and manufactured our own brands and products, like the cosmetics and accessories brand ‘Create it!’. 

Canenco Brands
When developing a brand, we ensure that we pursue our mission ‘make kids happy’. With our in-house designs, we offer a broad range of cool products focussed on cosmetics, stationery, jewellery, and trends. All of our collections can be expanded with specials and POS material to create a story of the specific brand.

Licensed brands
We develop extensive ranges for major licensors. Disney, Marvel, MGA, and Sanrio are some of our partners. Our team looks closely at each license and property so that we can get the most out of it and give it its own look and feel. We ensure that the products are original and have a creative artwork so that it stands out in shops and showrooms.

Canenco brands

Licensed brands

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