#FruitySquad is one of the latest innovations in Canenco’s stationery brand developments. #FruitySquad is a new family of fresh scented plush and colouring items! Canenco has developed super cute 3D fruity characters. With these scented friends we made fun stationary set with markers, pencils, crayons and gelpens. All in various colours and most important: scented! On every package there is a small sticker which can be scratched and then smelled. This giving the buyer a preview of the scent.  This shown example of the marker set that contains 12 markers with all the various scents, including strawberry, pineapple, melon, blueberry and more. Each of the 12 scents and colours have their own fruity character. Creating a whole squad to gather! Making this scented stationery set a collectable besides the fun of drawing and colouring!

#FruitySquad Collection

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