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Own brands

Canenco designs, develops, and markets several own brands. We export our brands to over 50 countries. For instance Create It!, Okidoki Dough and Fruity Squad are the three well known brands.

We develop and manufacture own brands in our our core product groups for European leading volume trade retail companies.

Licensed toys

Canenco is a key European licensing partner to manufacture cosmetics, stationery,  crafts, jewellery, and toys .

We work with world wide leading partners like Disney, Marvel, MGA, Viacom and Sanrio.


Over 40 years of experience in sourcing the right factories. Key are our long term relations and the knowledge of the raw materials and production process.

We double check this using product testing and factory audits. Canenco is a member of BSCI. 

Product safety

Canenco has partnered up with Precon quality service in The Netherlands. This assures us of permanent and professional advice while two Precon staff members are working at the Canenco office.

Together with our sourcing team they make sure we have continues quality assurance.


Canenco focus is to be, in our field, the best product development company. We operate from our cool waterfront office and showroom in the centre of Amsterdam.

We work with a small team of 25+ professionals. 75% of this team is busy with product development, We are for long-term partnerships and work well with our agents and distributors. We are stock keeping in the Netherlands.


Our main focus and end-goal is ‘to make kids happy’ 

This focus means that we need to work to and develop more sustainable product.

We already started 6 years ago with implementing only PET plastic use for our blisters, but we have move forward:


FSC Member

100% ECO plush ( we recycled over 5 mil water bottles in plush already )

Smarter packing with less “air” or now waist

Our future lays with PCR plastics



Canenco is a volume specialist.


We have partners in 50+ countries.


We have our own warehouse in the Netherlands. Here we can ship FOB, FCA & DAP (within Europe).


We also offer direct China FOB when customers can meet the factory MOQ and MOV requirement.


We work long-term with Agents, Distributors & DTR.


Exclusivities for markets and product lines are possible.