100% Eco Plush is an eco friendly solution to make plush.

The plush and stuffing is made from recycled plastic bottles, ensuring that they don’t end up polluting our oceans and nature.

The plastic bottles are shredded and recycled into threat to make the plush ad stuffing from which then the plush are ensambled.

This gives all the wandering plastics in the ocean a new purpose, reducing the amount of plastic that is dumped into the ocean, one plush at the time.  

Each plush has a specific number of plastic bottles that will be used to make the plush animal.

Around 16 bottles are recycled to make, for-instance, a 45cm Baby Shark Plush Backpack.

Check the tags of your Eco Plush to know how many plastic bottles have gotten a new live to make your plush!



Want to know if your Plush is made of 100% Eco Plush? Check the tag!

The tag for our 100% Eco Plush has the recognisable shape of a plastic PET bottle. Telling our story as you see it. 

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